Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Silence

I want to address the big news of this week, and that's the BBC's huge cock-up, where certain American fans were accidentally sent copies of the DVD of the current season, allowing them to watch "The Name of the Doctor."  I haven't gone looking, but I'm fairly confident that there's a torrent of it somewhere online, and that there are blogs and other sites that give away all of the spoilers.  I had to spend a long time trying to decide if I was going to watch "The Name of the Doctor" early, or perhaps even blog about it early.  I don't know if I'll change my mind and watch the episode early, but I'm definitely not blogging about it early.  The point of this blog is to link modern episodes to the classic series, and to make predictions about what is to come.  My point is not to spoil the experience for fans.  So, I haven't decided yet if I'll take an early peek at it, but I promise that, if I do, I won't blog about it until after it airs.

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